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International Medieval Bibliography

The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB), established in 1967, is the leading interdisciplinary bibliography of the Middle Ages.

Some of the original index cards of the IMB.

Some of the original index cards of the IMB.

The IMB is produced by an editorial team at the University of Leeds and some 30 contributors world wide. It covers periodical literature and miscellany volumes published in Europe, North America, Australasia, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

The printed IMB appears twice a year, covering most recent publications.

Where the first annual volumes contained some three thousand records each, the latest printed volumes and the online updates contain over 16,000 records every year. And a couple of years ago the total number of records in IMB-Online passed the half million mark. So I think that over 500,000 records, fully indexed with a wide range of search functions, is a fine achievement for 50 years’ work, and I hope, a good basis for the future of Medieval Studies in Leeds and the wider world.

Dr Alan V. Murray
Editorial Director of the IMB