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People of the IMC

The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is not just an international conference; it is the sum of the people who have taken part in various roles over the past 25 years. From its inception to the present day, almost 140 members of staff have worked on the IMC team, helping to plan and co-ordinate the event each year. This does not include the large numbers of temporary staff, many of them students at the University, whom we employ during the Congress week.

From the beginning, the IMC has been advised by a Standing Committee drawn from medievalists at the University of Leeds. Initially the Standing Committee also assisted with assembling the academic programme, but this task is now undertaken by a Programming Committee made up of academics from around the world, each one a leader in their field.

Perhaps most important to the IMC, however, are the delegates who attend each year. Without their contribution, the event would not be possible. By the end of 2018 we hope that more than 20,000 medievalists from across the world will have attended at least one IMC!